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            Reasons why you should join Status Transportation



The biggest mistake drivers seeking to become owner operators make is to partner with new and inexperienced companies. Never join a company whose other owner operators are also new members, because you will have no one to look for when the things gets tough. With Status Transportation however, any driver, new or experienced is treated with the respect and friendliness that makes their job easy and enjoyable all the time. Their handling of your trucks is exemplary as their truck service shop is ever ready to re-service your trucks every time you need them. The experience in the industry also ensures that our contracts are accurately followed to include meeting all your demands as you work for them.


Status Transportation respect your Opinions and value your contribution


When joining any company to be a truck owner operator, you probably do so to add positive contributions to the company s well as make money off your truck and efforts. However, you also have opinions and values which must always be listened to by your employers. They on the other hand are that employer who is willing to listen to you and respect all your demands to spend time with your family, you decisions as to what type of freight should be carried on your trucks and your decisions as to how much money you want to make based on those same decisions.




Sometimes owner operator drivers end up joining the wrong companies simply because they consulted the wrong agents. However, as many status transportation reviews acknowledge, their companies’ policies have gained us a lot of respect and good reputation over the years, something that have always made us work with only the best of owner operator companies. If you choose to work under agents it is also fine with them, but why on earth would you have to work under someone else when we can offer you the opportunity to work for yourself and make lots of money?


They have credible accountants


Apart from working with your own accountants, they have very credible and qualified accountants who always ensure that your money is paid aptly through the payment program you chose for yourself. Status Transportation also give solid advice to aspiring owner operators so that they can join having known all the ways they can make money with us. Besides, they also advise all partners to have their own accounting advisers, just to ensure that both our ends and their ends are smooth for as long as we work together.


Finally, as you contemplate on becoming an owner operator, ensure that you are ready to dedicate a big spun of your time on the roads. Make your budget apt to cover all your truck’s service needs, and work with the right people at all times.

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